Friday, September 5, 2014

Looking for Inspiration

So, I have to be honest. Two weeks ago I had a flurry of energy and began to dive into some of my projects with a great deal of gusto. I copied everything over into Scrivener for my in progress projects, reformatted, and expanded one of them. I was feeling motivated and happy. Now, things are picking up at work, My class schedule is making setting aside a consistent amount of time for writing difficult to say the least, and I may be suffering from some mild writer’s block.
So, I am turning to the blog to hopefully get the creative juices flowing again. Usually putting some words down, any words, help me to regain focus so that I can do some more interesting writing.
My rambling topic of the evening is going to be Steampunk. Now, when I say steampunk, I’m not referring to the girls wearing gears for jewelry and funky frilly skirts and top hats - I’m talking about Jules Verne, using the technology of the day within his stories, and expanding upon them in ways that were impossible, but at the same time, all too plausible in the minds of Victorian readers during an age of expansion and exploration.I know that Verne lived before the "steampunk" nomenclature was implemented to this particular style of writing, but he counts as a steampunk author doesn't he?
I remember reading Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days and 20,0000 Leagues Under the Sea, and being totally enraptured by the ideas that were put forth. I am more of a steampunk adventure enthusiast, rather than a Steampunk romance or erotica enthusiast (I learned that this was a thing through a couple of unfortunate purchases from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Who knew?)
I think in that respect, I was most affected by Around the World in 80 Days, As the high-flying adventures of Phileas Fogg inspired my own personal work. The idea of flying from one point to another in a hot air balloon (or zeppelin,dirigible, or airship) harkens back to those stories, and to a time where even though the stories might be a bit outlandish, the fun of the adventure allowed people to suspend disbelief long enough to get lost in the story.
I think the inspirations all writers have throughout their lives helps them through the difficult parts of writing. When we cannot think of a way out of the plot developments that have occurred, or when the ideas that were so good when we first sat down to write suddenly look silly or worse yet, bad, once the story has begun to be written.
For others that write, what are your thoughts? Do you have a particular Author or genre you read to find inspiration when writer’s block hits? What inspires you to write? I’d love to hear from you.