Friday, August 15, 2014

Beginnings, or Trying to Finish something I've Started

My name is Jason.  I am a writer.  I hesitate to use the word author, because that would imply that I have actually been published.  I did self-publish one short story on Amazon, Mademoiselle Durand and the Pirates.  I sold a few copies, and with a few free days thrown in the mix, a number of people did download some more copies.  I even received a review.  That was very exciting.

Even though it didn't become a runaway bestseller, I remain undeterred. I love writing and telling stories.  I am starting with this blog, and continuing on with a couple of writing projects I have in the pipeline. In fact, I have two projects that are near and dear to my heart at the moment.  The first is a very difficult to plan sequel to Mademoiselle Durand, and the other is my novel.  Which is coming along slowly.

I started writing the novel in 2007, when I was full of ideas.  I had a copy of WriteItNow and was excitedly planning, plotting, and developing characters.  Then I came up with a number of excuses to stop writing.  Putting my short story on Amazon was the kick in the pants that I needed to put my desire to write back into action.  So, I am back, ready to put in some hard work, and will be documenting my progress here.  Whether or not anyone actually reads this, I can't say.  But it will be here for me.  My challenge is to get off my ass and finish both my short story and my novel.  And I plan to do it in short order. 

I just purchased Scrivener, and have been transferring my files slowly into this program.  While reminiscent of WriteItNow, Scrivener does many things better.  And I can't wait to learn how to make the most of the software.  And in my next post, I will do a little compare/contrast between the two pieces of writing software.

And if anyone has any tips or tricks for the writing process, please feel free to let me know!  I want to remain motivated as I progress through my writing projects.  I feel this outlet may be helpful during the times when inspiration is difficult to come by.